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Cancellation Policy and How To Prepare For Your Appointments

Cancellation Policy

 I strive to provide a personalized, positive experience to all clients. When you book your appointment, the time is reserved exclusively for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I ask that all clients: Cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance so that I may have the opportunity to reschedule another client. 

• Clients that fail to show or miss the appointment will be charged a “No Show” fee, which is $25. 

• Late Arrivals- Clients arriving 30 minutes late may be asked to reschedule if there is not enough time. Also see Timeliness Policy  

• Cancellation and “No Show” fees will be charged to the credit card on file. Once this charge is completed, you may then schedule a new appointment at Destin Lash & Beauty Bar. If the card declines, a hold will be put on your profile in our system. * A deposit will be taken when you book your appointment to make sure these fees are covered. Thank you for your understanding. I appreciate your business and time and trust you respect mine.

                                                                  Timeliness Policy

I do my best to respect everyone’s time & to be prompt with every appointment. I understand that tourist season traffic and construction traffic can get bad, and life can happen. However, please know that if you arrive 30 minutes past your appointment start time, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment or you can keep your appointment. If you chose to keep your appointment, I will get your lashes as full as possible in the remaining time allotted for your appointment. If you are running late please call or text to let me know.  You will see that I strongly encourage early arrival in your confirmation and reminder texts/emails. It is suggested that if you are stuck in spring break or summer traffic that you call to inform Destin Lash & Beauty Bar, and discuss your options. 

Destin Lash and Beauty Bar prides itself on high quality service, which includes on-time appointments and providing efficient, one-on one sessions and sanitization after EVERY client leaves the room. Timing is everything : you don’t want to infringe upon another client's appointment or have another client infringe on your appointment. 


Your Lash Appointment 

1. It is very import that when you come to your first appointment that your lashes are completely free of mascara. Oils and residue from mascara can prevent the lash adhesive from properly bonding to your natural lash. 

2. Avoid drinking caffeine.  When we drink a lot of caffeine our body gets jittery and can start to twitch. If you have a lot of caffeine before your appointment It will be hard for you to relax and be still for your appointment. When you can't relax your eyes and eyelids will also move and twitch, making It very hard for your lash artist to apply extensions to your natural lashes.

3. Use the bathroom before your appointment. You will be laying down for 2-3 hours depending on the type of lashes your are getting and the amount of your natural lashes. While laying for this long, you want to be as comfort as possible and that won't be possible if you have a full bladder. 

Your Facial Appointment


              Come With A Clean Face                  

 Please come freshly washed and NO MAKEUP. 

A clean face helps speed up our time together and

allows us to see your skin in its natural state, so

a custom plan can be recommended.

Know Your Products 

We'll want to know anything and everything

that goes on your skin, so make a list of your product

names and brands-bringing them in works too.

Be Open-Minded 




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